The Brown-Wells Service Award was established by the WMLA in 2014 to honor an individual within the Wyoming mortgage lending community who exemplifies service above self in commitment to his or her profession, customers and the community they live in.

The award is named after Mike Brown and Scott Wells.  These 2 individuals were both Officers/Directors of the WMLA board.  Mike was one of the founding members of the WMLA which was formed in 1986.  These gentlemen held high ethical standard in business and they used their professional knowledge to serve the community in many ways. 

Scott always said “I learned early in life that one person with the right knowledge can make a huge difference in someone’s life and this is what I set out to do”.  I think Mike would have agreed with that statement.  

Previous year's winners were:

2019 - Melanie Sims

2018 - Carol Wilson

2017 - Mark Westerhold

2016 - Brenda Sanders

2015 - Shauna Gibbs

​2014 - Ward Anderson

2013 - Judy Lane

2012 - Laura Edwards

​2011 - Mickey Raether

2010 - Jim Volk

2009 - Alan Brooks

2008 - Cheryl Gillum

2007 - Jim Estes

2006 - Darwin Pace

2005- Ted Graf

2004 - 

2003 - Alan McDonald

2002- George Axlund


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